Staff Training

Perfect results from EVERY clean are what Approved window cleaning aims to deliver – and we understand that the quality of our staff is often reflected in the quality of the cleaning.

Experienced, trained and reliable staff are the backbone of our company. Our experience has taught us that there is no such thing as a “simple” project and inexperienced workers often have trouble handling unexpected problems. Our staff have the experience to make every job go smoothly from start to finish.

Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you. No matter how many locations or how far spread they are – we have the solution for you!

E-mail us via our contact form or call us at 01275 331587 today for more details.

Quality Checklist

We have a comprehensive checklist to be completed on every window cleaning job & the on-site manager is asked to sign off that these items have been completed to his satisfaction, and to your satisfaction.

Approved Window Cleanning Offer:

External Window cleaning
Internal window cleaning
partition Glass
Atrium Glass
Sign Cleaning
High Level Cleaning
Specialist Cleaning

And much more…

Account Supervision

Our Account Managers constantly spot check the quality of work each team is providing to our clients ensuring that high standards are always maintained.

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